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Rhino Wars

Airs week of 12/28/15
Ivan Carter exposes the secret war in Africa.  A war of greed that’s putting the rhino in danger.

White Gold

Airs week of 1/4/16
Ivan Carter works save a key elephant from ivory poachers near Africa’s famous Kruger National Park.

Death In The Water

Airs week of 1/11/16
Ivan Carter reveals Africa’s hard choices as he investigates a reported man killing hippo. 

A No Win Scenario

Airs week of 1/18/16
Ivan Carter investigates a tragic croc attack on Africa’s Zambezi River.


Gang Wars

Airs week of 1/25/16
Ivan Carter investigates an African black market poaching operation.

The Zambezi River Mystery

Airs week of 2/1/16
Ivan Carter investigates why people are mysteriously disappearing on Africa’s Zambezi River.

Death For Profit

Airs week of 2/8/16
Ivan Carter joins the heroes saving rhinos in Africa’s Kruger National Park

Secret Trade

Airs week of 2/15/16
Ivan Carter investigates Africa’s infamous poaching trade.

Man Vs. Lion

Airs week of 2/22/16
The conflict arising as people and lions collide

Africa's Most Dangerous

Airs week of 2/29/16

Ivan Carter investigates the most dangerous animal in Africa.